Jazz Age January 2014: Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

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Jazz Age January


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous time last night and your speakeasies didn’t get raided. (We’re pretending it’s the ’20s, right?) I’m beyond excited to rouge my knees and roll my stockings down and read ALL THAT JAZZ-age stuff.

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In case you missed it, I posted an informational/sign-up post for Jazz Age January last month. If you haven’t signed up but would like to participate, no worries! Everyone is welcome. Just as a quick rehash of what this challenge is all about, I’m inviting bloggers to read books related to the Jazz Age during the month of January. Readers are welcome to read novels written by Jazz Age authors, non-fiction about the ’20s, and contemporary fiction set during this time period. Check out the sign-up post for a list of recommended titles, but please don’t limit yourself to those books! Anything ’20s goes.

How to Participate:

All you have to do to participate in this event is read at least one book set in or about the Jazz Age or its characters and write about it! Each Saturday (from Jan. 11 to Feb. 8), I will post a link-up where participants can link to any reviews or posts they have written for this event. (In addition to writing about books read for this challenge, readers are welcome to write informational posts, lists, whatever catches your fancy.) Make sure to include the button in your post!



Now, you might be wondering about the giveaway I mentioned in the sign-up post. I’m offering one winner a book of his/her choice from Penguin’s beautiful Fitzgerald Classics editions. This giveaway is open to anyone who lives in a country The Book Depository ships to. To be eligible to win, you must link up at least one post for this event. Each post you link up will earn you one entry. (If you post one review, you will earn one entry into the giveaway; if you link up four posts total, you will earn four entries.) After the event concludes on Feb. 8, I will draw a winner and notify him/her by email.

My Reading Plan:

I’ve been stocking up on books all month (as if I needed an excuse to buy more books), and I can’t wait to finally read them! I plan to read:

  • A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
  • The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Zelda: A Biography by Nancy Milford
  • Careless People: Murder, Mayhem, and the Invention of The Great Gatsby by Sarah Churchwell

Thank You:

Thank you to everyone who signed up, wrote about Jazz Age January on your blogs,  and promoted it on social media. When I came up with the idea for this challenge, I thought maybe five people would sign up; I’m overwhelmed that, as of this writing, there are 34 people signed up! Thank you all for spreading the word so enthusiastically. I think it’s going to be a great event!

Which books are you planning to read for Jazz Age January?

  • The Great Gatsby for sure and The Paris Wife if I get around to it.

    • Ooh, Paris Wife is so good!

    • Perfect!

  • Best of luck to everyone! I may join you in spirit reading something. Miss a good 1920’s reading 🙂

  • I have read ahead a little bit and think I might be able to read three books for this event. What a great start to 2014!

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for joining!

  • I’m so excited for this! I’ve been looking for time to read THE OTHER TYPIST and Z!

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  • I may read Save Me the Waltz. Reading Z got me really interesting in Zelda’s own perspective.
    Vacillating between that and Careless People. I know Shannon’s read it – I’m going to ask her if it merits it!

  • I think a lot of people are going to be reading Careless People – it’s on my list too and I’ve heard great things about it. From there i’m going to take other people’s recommendations. |Thanks for organizing this, i’m super excited.

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    • I haven’t seen any reviews of Careless People yet, so I’m glad to hear it’s been getting good ones! I’m really excited so many people are interested in participating!

  • I too am reading The Beautiful and Damned! I read Gatsby (for the first time) and Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald last year and have been looking for an excuse to pick up more F. Scott! I’m excited, thanks for the motivation. 🙂

    • Woohoo! Gatsby is one of my favorite books, so I can’t wait to read more Fitzgerald! I’m hoping I’ll have time to read Z this month too.

  • I am so ready to start reading my Jazz Age January books but have to finish a review book first!! thanks again for organizing this great event
    *goes rum-running*

    • No hurry! Glad you’ll be participating, and best luck on your rum running 😛

  • I’m not ready: my books are still not here. But I’ll wait patiently and maybe I’ll just write an informational post about literary books from that period. 🙂 I think this is such a great event!

    • Oh no! Hope they get here soon 🙂

  • Good luck! Morrison’s Jazz is also a good one

    • Thanks for the recommendation!

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  • So excited to stretch my comfort zone a bit with The Diviners by Libba Bray. I’ve never read any of Bray’s work, but a spiritualist tale set in the 20s has to be good, right???

    • Ooh, that sounds FANTASTIC.

  • Soooo excited!!! BTW, where do we link up our reviews? Anyplace special?

    • Each Saturday, from Jan. 11 through Feb. 8, I will put up a special post where people can link to their reviews. Then, in the following week’s linkup, I’ll also post a summary of the posts linked to the week before — kind of like when you share the previous week’s most popular links in your own linky party.

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  • Almost finished with Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and loving it! Don’t know if I’ll get another one in or not, but if I can find them, I have some fantastic old photos of my mom, her sister and some guys headed out for a night of flapper dancing — may do a post with those.

    • That’s great! I’m hoping I’ll have time to squeeze that one in, too. That’s so cool! I’d love to see those pictures 🙂

  • Hard to choose. Either The Beautiful and the Damned or Everybody was So Young

    • Those both sound like great choices!

  • I picked up Fitzgerald’s “Tales from the Jazz Age” after realizing that the other two books I had planned to read were in the 30’s and didn’t quite qualify 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of their books!

    • That sounds like a great choice!

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  • What a novel idea for a reading challenge. Will look forward to seeing what you read

    • Thanks! I’ve already read four books; I’m pretty behind on reviews, but they’ll be up in the next few weeks!

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    • Hi! I’m writing to thank you for the interesting Jazz Age Reading Challenge. I was lurking about in the background reading the various posts and was influenced by them. I’ve written a blog post about your reading challenge giving me the first of five keys accessing the work of Ernest Hemingway. I’ve referred to two of your book reviews i.e. The Paris Wife and A Moveable Feast in my blog titled Reading Hemingway and placed links on the references back to your relevant blog posts. I hope this is OK with you. Here’s the link to my post, published today. Here’s the link; http://artuccino.com/index.php/reading-hemingway-using-five-magic-keys/

      • Aww, thank you! I’m glad it helped give you the “key” to reading Hemingway. I hope you’ll join in next year!

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  • Oww I wish I saw this challenge earlier, what a great challenge! I have been almost obsessed with the 20’s since reading Jazz by Alice Walker (fiction set in the 1920’s). On the plus side, it looks like I will be adding a new set of 20’s books to my shelf =)) (always a plus side).