A Love Letter to The Great Gatsby (#JazzAgeJan)

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The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Published by Scribner on 1925
Pages: 180
Genres: Classics
Format: Paperback
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My dearest Gatsby,

I just can’t get enough of you. We’ve had four exquisite trysts, each one better than the last. We first met when I was a pretentious college sophomore who thought reading the modern classics would make me ‘interesting’ and an ‘intellectual.’ I wasn’t quite ready for a relationship with you, though, and I returned you to the library without a backward glance. Two years later I came crawling back after a lit. class renewed my interest — and we really hit it off! I underlined lines about green lights and voices full of money like it was my job. Then we lost touch for two more years, until your over-the-top movie adaptation sparked a rage for all things Jazz Age. And now, one year later, I came back to you once more. And how good you were to me!

My love for you grows with every immersion between your pages. I love your poetic language; your hopeful hero’s desperate attempt to capture the past; and your themes of reinvention and striving. (I could do without the casual racism, though.)

I know many people see you as a sad love story or a hard-boiled crime novel, but I like to think I can see the real you: your disillusionment with excess and the careless people who crave it, as well as your commentary on America’s simultaneous yearning for the good old days and eagerness for progress, for more.

I love that every time I read you, I see a little bit more. I understand a little better. And I love knowing that as the years pass, I can return to you like an old friend, peel back the covers a bit further, and understand the things that only life experience can teach.

Until we meet again,


  • I’m extremely overdue for a Gatsby reread. I’ve been reading “around GG” (i.e. books about Zelda or F. Scott Fitzgerald), but haven’t read the real thing in about a decade.

    PS – very creative post!

  • Holly

    Love this! I first read The Great Gatsby in my American Literature class last year and I absolutely fell in love with it. There’s just so much to this short little book!

  • Mm, what a lovely relationship to have with a book. I feel this way about Beloved by Toni Morrison. I should pick up Gatsby again!

  • Can some of this love please rub off on me a little bit? I’m in a slump. And I want to reread this and all the great books that have been written about and around The Great Gatsby. Sigh!

  • This is awesome. I loved re-reading it last year and I love it for the reasons you so eloquently stated above.

  • I am almost finished with Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald so this post was very intriguing to me, especially the part about his disillusionment with excess (which seems to contradict Z)! I haven’t yet read The Great Gatsby (hard to believe I know), but now I must (especially after reading this post)!

    • From what I’ve read, it seems like they did a LOT of partying but realized how destructive it was. They wasted all of their money, Scott was too distracted to write, it all felt empty, etc.

  • Books on the Table

    I love this post — so creative!

  • booknaround

    Fitzgerald has always fascinated me and this book is one of my favorites. In fact, my dogs are named Daisy and Gatsby. 😉

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