My Dream Literary Dinner Party

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Literary Dinner Party

For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish are asking bloggers to name the top ten authors we want to meet. This question got me dreaming of an old-fashioned salon or a dinner party among my favorite writers. My dream literary dinner party would consist of role model celebrities who have penned memoirs, authors who have captured my imagination, and writers who have changed and deepened the way I see the world.

1. Tina Fey (Bossypants). One of my favorite women in entertainment, Queen Fey will be cracking perfectly timed, spot-on jokes with a dose of feminism to keep the table in stitches.

2. Amy Poehler (Yes Please). She’s the only lady in show-biz that I admire more than Tina Fey, and I really just want to sit back and watch her and Tina riff off each other while I try not to squirt wine through my nose.

3. Lena Dunham (Not That Kind of Girl). What ladies-in-Hollywood-who-also-wrote-books dinner party would be complete without Lena Dunham? We’ll talk about what it’s like to be women in our twenties and then probably get our Dubsmash on.

4. Roxane Gay (An Untamed State, Bad Feminist). Roxane Gay came to Lena Dunham’s defense during the controversy around an essay in Dunham’s book last year, and the two women are good acquaintances. She also happens to be one of my favorite writers, and I would love to chat with her about feminism and pop culture.

5. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Americanah, We Should All Be Feminists). I can’t help filling my table with smart feminist women, and she is one of the best!

6. Meg Wolitzer (The Wife, The InterestingsBelzhar). Gotta keep that feminist train rolling. Meg Wolitzer writes fantastic fiction about sexual double standards, friendship through the decades, and the intensity of teenage feelings. If her books are any indication, she loves The Bell Jar even more than I do, and I’m dying to talk about it with her. I actually met her super briefly at BEA last year, but I obviously didn’t embarrass myself enough.

7. Cheryl Strayed (Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things). I’ve technically already met Cheryl Strayed, too, but she is lovely and I would like her to adopt me. She is welcome for dinner ANY time. I will serve her sweet peas.

8. Haruki Murakami (Norwegian Wood, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage). Murakami launched an advice column in January, and I want to see a rap-battle style advice-off between him and Cheryl Strayed. He will be in charge of bringing pasta and beer.

9. Karen Russell (St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by WolvesSwamplandia!Vampires in the Lemon Grove). If Murakami is the king of surrealism, Karen Russell is the queen of quirky magical realism. I just want to crawl inside her brain.

10. JK Rowling (Harry Potter, The Casual Vacancy, The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm). No literary dinner party would be complete without J.K. Rowling, a writer who has captured my imagination for 15 years. Of course, if she did come to dinner, someone would have to force me to sit on the far side of the table, so I don’t just pester her with questions about the wizarding world all night.

Who would you invite to your literary dinner party?

  • Nice list of women + Murakami! Strayed was going on my list until I figured she’d be on everyone’s list, so I went with some others. Wolitzer did make my list, however!

  • If you were going to invite one more man so Murakami wouldn’t be the only one, who would it be? It’s interesting that your guests are mostly women – this is the first list I’ve seen, though, so now I’m curious to see the others. (Mine would probably be mostly women, too. I think Margaret Atwood would have to be one of them.)

    • Ooh, Margaret Atwood would be a great addition! Hmm, if I were to invite another man, it would probably be David Mitchell.

  • Great list! I should have included Roxanne Gay. She’s a brilliant pick.

  • Amy Sachs

    Love this list! Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler would keep everyone laughing for sure!

  • We could have a joint party since I have many of the same on mine also!

  • I love the dinner party spin you put on it! I briefly met Meg Wolitzer and heard her speak, and she was very interesting! I’m jealous you met Cheryl Strayed – she’s on my list this week!

  • Can I please attend this dinner party? It sounds incredible! I like how Haruki Murakami is the only guy, I don’t think he’d be bothered by that.

    • You are totally invited! I felt like I should include one man so it wasn’t a TOTAL lady fest. I don’t think he’d mind, either 😛

      • Ha! Just saw these comments after I posted mine. You’re probably right.

  • Chrystal M

    Great list! You’d have so many laughs with this crowd.

  • Sounds like you’re having my kind of literary dinner party! I’d just want to sit back and listen to the conversations that pop up.

  • I LOVE this lineup. This is quite the ladies’ party—I hope Murakami doesn’t feel too out of place. 😉

  • Wow, great choices! These are all authors who don’t just write well, but who also seem like awesome people.

  • Great choices. I would include many of the same! I want to come to this dinner party!

  • Terra

    Good question. Alexander McCall Smith, Rhys Bowen, Anne Lamott are three who come to mind.