What I’m Reading Monday, August 17

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What I'm Reading Monday, August 17

Hello, booklings. This week has been all over the place. I moved out of my apartment (which was stressful and all kinds of emotional), stayed with a generous friend for a few days, and I’m now visiting my family for some much-needed time with my sister, who is just getting home from a college summer program. I’m not really sure what’s next; the sheer number of options is exciting, but the lack of stability is also terrifying and overwhelming. Guysss, life decisions are hard.

All the packing, moving, cleaning, and bouncing around I did this week left very little time for reading. I’m still only 70 pages into The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth. It probably wasn’t the best choice of book to read during such a busy time, as the Old English-inspired dialect requires a level of focus and concentration that I haven’t been able muster. Hopefully this week will be a little calmer! (Alas, I’m not officially participating in Bout of Books.)

I did, however finish Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer on audio, which I really enjoyed. I’m currently following it up with the second book in the series, Authority (also on audio), which is… not really doing it for me. It’s not interesting enough to hold my attention, so my mind wanders and I miss things, resulting in an even greater loss of interest. It’s a vicious cycle. If you’ve read the series, tell me: Should I keep going?

What are you reading this week?

  • I find it so hard to concentrate on commitment-required reading when I’ve got a lot going on in life as well! And – I haven’t read the Annihilation series, but my mind tends to wander during all audiobooks! Good luck with thinking things through…big life decisions are hard!

  • S_am_S

    I’m reading Annihilation and I’ve caught myself wandering a few times. I like the concept and the mystery is intriguing, but the pacing feels off. At times it feels like he’s holding out on too much information, so it’s hard to piece everything together. I started it though, so I’m committed to at least finishing the first book.

  • Lindsey Stefan

    I’m becoming more of an audiobook kind of girl, but I run into the same problem. I answer a question from the kids or run the water while cleaning up the kitchen and I’ve missed a chunk. I think it’s hard to give an audiobook 100% of your attention all the time.

    • I think non-fiction tends to work better on audio, for that reason. It doesn’t matter as much if you get distracted and miss a minute.

  • I hope things settle down for you soon! They sound exciting, but also stressful. Take care of yourself!

  • I think when life is in upheaval like this, it’s really hard to concentrate on reading. Any reading. Life decisions are the WORST. Who let us become adults? Hopefully things start to fall into place for you soon!

  • I can definitely see why The Wake would be a tough read right now. I’ve been curious about Vandermeer’s trilogy, but the inconsistency of opinions (both for the first book and across the board) has been holding me back. I hope the second one picks up for you!

    • I’ve also heard hugely varying opinions about the series, and my own opinions are pretty mixed right now. I think it MIGHT be picking up? I hope?

  • Veronica

    I hear you about Old English. I have been trying to read The Tenant of Wildfield Hall by Anne Bronte, I have to really have no distractions, I mean it as Old English as the Wake but still my full attention is needed hahaha

  • I gave up after Annihilation, so if you’re looking for encouragement to continue, I’m not sure I’m your lady. I love that cover of The Wake, and can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Good luck with the life transitions, and enjoy your sisterly bonding 🙂

  • I haven’t been over to comment in awhile… so, I’m sorry to hear about all the stress and craziness that’s been going on. Moving is never fun, especially when the circumstances are not great. I’ve got the three Vandermeer books as ebooks — I think it was a special of some kind — but haven’t picked them up yet because I’m a little scared? I get the sense there’s some horror/scary stuff, and I’m always a wimp about that!

    • Hmm, I wouldn’t really call them horror. Maybe suspenseful sci-fi? I honestly don’t know how to categorize them, but I’m a huge wimp, and they haven’t bothered me.

  • Life decisions are SO hard! I’m glad you’re getting some quality time in with the family, though.

    I’m going to unfortunately have to go in the “stop right there!” camp for the VanderMeer books. I really liked Annihilation, barely got through Authority (it had its moments but wasn’t great, and I can’t imagine it’s better on audio) and had to put down Acceptance completely. I was bummed out about it, but I think I saved myself some frustration in the end.

  • I think you need some very light and easy reads in the midst of all this stress!

  • Elena

    Yay for you, and your new life, and your courage!!!! I totally agree with other comments here: get something that you love, adore reading, and that you won’t be able to put down.

    I am currently reading The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf (feminist non-fiction), and The Stranger You Know by Jane Casey (contemporary crime fiction). Love both.

  • Yep! Change is difficult, but generally needed… 🙂 Looks as if many are in agreement about Annihilation, etc.! I am finishing The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion. Love The Rosie Project and am loving this one, too! I like Don. I think I may be “like” Don in some ways… 🙂

  • I hope things settle down for you soon! I recently moved in with a friend myself, but am feeling much more relaxed as I start to develop a routine at my new place.