What I’m Reading Monday, August 24

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What I'm Reading Monday, Aug. 24

It’s cool if I just write “What I’m Reading” posts from here on out, right? Because they seem to be all I can muster the motivation to write lately. Life changes, you guys! They’re hard.

I just got back to Buffalo after spending a week with my family. It was lovely; I got to spend an afternoon out on the boat, wander through a sculpture garden, go kayaking with a good friend, and spend some quality time with my sister. I even got a little reading in!

As impressed as I was with The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth, I had to set it aside this week. I just couldn’t give it the attention it deserved, and I fully intend to go back and finish it when things calm down a little bit. Instead, I picked up The White Queen by Philippa Gregory, because nothing says “light, fun read” like a novel about ambition, plots, and intrigue during the War of the Roses. It’s basically the same exact book as The Other Boleyn Girl but with more witchcraft, and I loved it.

I gave up on Authority by Jeff VanderMeer on audio. Thank you to everyone who assured me I wasn’t missing anything by DNF-ing the series. (Ha!) The next audiobook I chose turned out to be a much better choice. You lovelies were all right about Circling the Sun by Paula McLain; I’m only halfway through, but it is SO GOOD!

What are you reading this week?

  • Yay for Circling the Sun!! I was so pleasantly surprised by that one and glad you’re enjoying it! And – these Monday posts are my favorite ones to write…and read so I think you’re fine! Hope things are calming down a bit for you.

  • I’m right there with you on not mustering up much more than weekly reading posts right now; they’re my favorite lately to write and some of my favorites to read! Glad to hear you had a good visit with family, and hope things are looking up on the moving and job hunt process.

    Books-wise, I gave up on the Vandermeer series after the first book; while I liked it, I just couldn’t love it. Though based on this, I’m adding Circling the Sun to my list of upcoming audiobooks; I need something after I finish Instructions for a Heatwave (perfect for a heatwave). I’m halfway through The Dead Ladies Project right now, an essay collection/memoir/history about semi-famous women (including the author) who purposefully gave up their manicured, conventional lives to move around the world with no ties. It’s incredible so far!

  • Oh man, I am right there with you. I’ve read a lot of great stuff lately but putting it into words for a blog just makes me feel like :-/… You post what makes you feel good and don’t make it a chore! Enjoy what you’re reading! That’s the most important part. <3

  • Gah! I neeeeed Circling the Sun!!! I looooooove Beryl Markham. She was so fascinating.

  • Glad to hear you’re giving yourself the freedom to choose what works for you instead of struggling through something that isn’t. I think I picked up five or six books this weekend in a similar place and just couldn’t settle on ANYTHING. Here’s to more happy reading!

  • Veronica

    Yay for Circling the Sun! I finished last week and just loved it! I felt like I was in Kenya 🙂

  • Reading is one of the things that you DO have control over right now so I think you were so smart to just walk away from the books that were not making you feel any kind of joy. Circling The Sun is SO GREAT and might be just what you need right now.
    I have to say, I haven’t been wowed by anything that I’ve picked up recently. I’ve sort of enjoyed some of them but when I go to write about them I’m like meh. I did just finish breaking my heart over Rilla of Ingleside BUT that’s a re-read and I knew exactly what I was getting.
    Here’s to the dawn of a new season that hopefully brings good reads and great life news.

  • That’s such an awesome sculpture! Glad you got in the good family and friend time—it sounds like you needed it.

    Extra kudos for dumping books that aren’t doing it for you—I think Eva has a great point that books should be not be added to the list of things stressing you out right now.

    Hope you have a good week!

  • Lindsey Stefan

    Philippa Gregory is definitely fluff reading for the history lover! I haven’t read one of her books in the longest time.

  • Oh no, I’m sorry to hear the VanderMeer series fizzled out for you (I’ve only read Annihilation). My book group chose the Paula McLain for September (I might skip it for now since I won’t be able to attend but, they’re super excited about the book).

  • Philippa Gregory is the perfect escape. I think one post a week still qualifies as getting it done – so good job. These are the best kinds of posts anyway.