What I'm Reading Monday, Aug. 24

What I’m Reading Monday, August 24

August 24, 2015 Miscellaneous (11) Comments

It’s cool if I just write “What I’m Reading” posts from here on out, right? Because they seem to be all I can muster the motivation to write lately. Life changes, you guys! They’re hard. I just got back to Buffalo after spending a week with my family. It was lovely; I got to spend […]

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Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors

August 18, 2015 Literary Lists (11) Comments

Last week, I took a look at my favorite authors based on how many books I’ve read by each writer, but I also noted that numbers don’t tell the whole story when it comes to which authors I consider my favorites. For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday list, I’m listing my top auto-buy authors — […]

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What I'm Reading Monday, August 17

What I’m Reading Monday, August 17

August 17, 2015 Miscellaneous (23) Comments

Hello, booklings. This week has been all over the place. I moved out of my apartment (which was stressful and all kinds of emotional), stayed with a generous friend for a few days, and I’m now visiting my family for some much-needed time with my sister, who is just getting home from a college summer […]

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South of the Border, West of the Sun by Haruki Murakami

Playing Murakami Bingo With South of the Border, West of the Sun

August 14, 2015 Reviews (11) Comments

Aside from J.K. Rowling and Cheryl Strayed, Haruki Murakami is the main author I turn to when I need a comfort read. There’s something quiet and soothing about his writing. He often has his characters swim laps, evoking  long, stretched-out strokes and a kind of relaxing repetition. As a (lapsed) swimmer, I get a similar feeling from […]

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A Book and A Podcast to Make Your Hair Stand on End

A Book and a Podcast to Make Your Hair Stand on End

August 13, 2015 Reviews (25) Comments

Confession time: I’m kind of obsessed with podcasts. As a reader, I love putting new information into my brain any way that I can — and podcasts allow me to do this in situations in which I can’t feasibly read a book. (I also suspect that, as an introvert, I like being able to listen to […]

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Favorite Authors, by the Number

Favorite Authors, by the Numbers

August 11, 2015 Literary Lists (12) Comments

What makes a favorite author? There are dozens of authors that I consider favorites, but when I think about it, I realize I’ve only read one or two of their books. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic challenges readers to list their favorite authors based on the numbers. I scrolled through my “Read” shelf on Goodreads […]

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What I'm Reading Monday, August 8

What I’m Reading Monday, August 10

August 10, 2015 Miscellaneous (32) Comments

After having a wonderful week at the lake at the end of July, August has gotten off to a pretty rotten start. I generally try to keep from being too negative on the Internet, but it’s been a week of job search woes, packing up my apartment, and feeling generally lonely and lost. I’m trying to […]

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July Reads

July Reads

August 4, 2015 Miscellaneous (17) Comments

Where to even start with recapping July? Last month was all over the place for me. In the first two weeks, I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly six years — and the rest of the month was a roller coaster of emotional messiness, spending a lot of time with my best girlfriends, a […]

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What I'm Reading Monday, Aug. 3

What I’m Reading Monday, Aug. 3

August 3, 2015 Miscellaneous (11) Comments

Happy Monday, darlings! I just got home from a week at the lake with my family, and it was exactly what I needed. The weather was perfect, and I got in some good quality swimming, water skiing, tubing, kayaking, twilight boat rides, sunset gazing, chats with family members, and hammock reading. It was a much-needed distraction from some […]

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What I'm Reading Monday, July 27

What I’m Reading Monday, July 27

July 27, 2015 Miscellaneous (9) Comments

Hello lovelies! I’m writing today from a cottage tucked away in the trees by one of the Finger Lakes in Central New York. It’s only my second full day here, but I’ve already been kayaking, swimming, tubing, hammock reading, and sunset gazing. (I may have also gotten a bit of a sunburn.) I’m so looking forward […]

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